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Poster: AvogadrosNumreal Date: Jun 3, 2012 12:13am
Forum: forums Subject: If you delete a post, you're left in limbo

The forum software makes a feeble attempt at "returning" the user to the "previous page" after doing some sort of post-related action. If that post-related action is deleting a post, the feeble attempt fails to find the previous page -- which is reasonable since it has been deleted -- but then rather than returning the user to the main forum page, it simply craps out. The user is left at an error page looking at "Forum thread ID not found or has since been removed." and with no clue provided as for what to do.

The right thing is to return the user to the main forum page for whichever one of the unsorted hundreds of confusing forums she was last perusing. The wrong thing is to do anything else.